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Implementation Instructions for the Sell Online Shipping Module

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Sell Online is very flexible and has many features that could be used together with your store. Many of the Sell Online features are configurable directly from your shipping profile but some of the advanced features require additional integration. We have developed implementation instructions for each of the advanced features. Please click through to the feature that you would like to integrate.


  1. Standard Implementation (Standard Implementation.html)
  2. HTML Communication (HTML message.html)
  3. Free Shipping (Free Shipping.html)
  4. Ship without packing into a box (Ship As Is.html)
  5. Special Packing for clients that ship without packing as well as sell products with packing requirements (Special packing.html)
  6. Insurance Calculation by Package Value (Insurance by Value.html)
  7. Pickup at Postal Outlet (Pickup at postal outlet.html)
  8. Empty Space Calculation (Empty Space.html)

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