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Error Codes returned by Sell Online

 1 All calculation was done OK OK
 2 Default shipping rates are returned due to a problem during the processing of the request. DEFAULT_VALUES
API's specific: COM/ASP, Perl and Java Version
-2 Missing argument when calling module MISSING_ARGUMENT
-5 No Item to ship NO_ITEM_TO_SHIP
-6 Illegal Item weight ILLEGAL_ITEM_WEIGHT
-7 Illegal item dimension ILLEGAL_ITEM_DIMENSION
-13 Can't create log files UNABLE_TO_OPEN_LOG_FILE
-15 Invalid config file format CONFIGURATION_FILE_FORMAT_PROBLEM
-102 Invalid socket connection INVALID_SOCKET_CONNECTION
-106 Can't connect to server UNABLE_TO_CONNECT_TO_SERVER
Server specific (A)
-1000 Unknow request type sent by client UNKNOWN_REQUEST
-1001 (to be updated) Sell Online_EXCEPTION
-1002 MAS Timed out TIMEOUT_ERROR
-1004 communication break COMMUNICATION_ERROR
-1005 Did not receive required data. INVALID_DATA_RECEIVED
Server specific (B)
- 2000 Unable to estabish connection with RSSS UNABLE_TO_CONTACT_RSSS
- 2001 Merchant Id not found on server MERCHANT_INFO_NOT_FOUND
- 2002 One or more parameter was not sent by the IM to the MAS PARAMETER_MISSING_IN_REQUEST
- 2003 Did not receive required data. INVALID_SHIPPERID_RECEIVED
-2004 The request contains to many items to process it. TOO_MANY_ITEMS
-2005 The request received is larger than the maximum allowed. REQUEST_TOO_BIG
Server specific (C) CPC Rating Engine
-3000 Origin Postal Code is illegal ILLEGAL_ORIGINATION
-3001 Destination Postal Code/State Name/ Country  is illegal ILLEGAL_DESTINATION
-3002 Parcel too large to be shipped with CPC   PARCEL_TOO_LARGE
-3003 Parcel too small to be shipped with CPC PARCEL_TOO_SMALL
-3004 Parcel too heavy to be shipped with CPC PARCEL_OVERWEIGHT
-3005 Internal error code returned by the rating DLL DLL_GENERAL_ERROR
-3006 The pick up time format is invalid or not defined. INVALID_CUT_OFF_TIME_FORMAT
Server specific (D) Volumetric
-4000 Volumetric internal error  UNABLE_TO_PACK_GENERAL_ERROR
-4001 Volumetric time out calculation error. UNABLE_TO_PACK_TIMEOUT
-4002 No bins provided to the volumetric engine.  UNABLE_TO_PACK_NO_BIN
-4003 No items provided to the volumetric engine UNABLE_TO_PACK_NO_ITEM
-4004 Item is too large to be packed UNABLE_TO_PACK_ITEM_TOO_LARG
-4005 Number of item more than maximum allowed UNABLE_TO_PACK_TOO_MANY_ITEM
Server specific (E) XML
-5000 XML Parsing error XML_PARSING_ERROR
-5001 XML Tag not found XML_TAG_NOT_FOUND_ERROR
-5002 Node Value Number format error XML_NUMBER_FORMAT_ERROR
-5003 Node value is empty XML_EMPTY_NODE_VALUE_ERROR
-5004 Unable to create/parse XML Document XML_CANNOT_CREATE_DOCUMENT
Server specific (F) Database
-6000 Unable to open the database DATABASE_INITIALIZATION_ERROR
-6001 Unable to read from the database DATABASE_READ_ERROR
-6002 Unable to write to the database DATABASE_WRITE_ERROR
Server specific (G)
-50000 Internal problem - Please contact Sell Online Help Desk INTERNAL_PROBLEM