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Frequently Asked Questions

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General topics

What is Sell Online ?

What do I need to use Sell Online on my web site ?

Is the use of Sell Online free ?

Am I committed to a minimum number of parcels to be sent with Canada Post when using Sell Online ?

Where do I get the documentation ?

Does Canada Post provide technical support ?

Will Sell Online work if there is a firewall between Sell Online?s server and I ?

Which programming language can I use to interface with the Sell Online's server ?

You may find all detailed information about that, here.

Is there a decision tree available to help me ?

Yes (see below).
This decision tree will help you at each step of the integration of Canada Post into your store.

Intershop integration

Intershop can't find Sell Online configuration file

Shipping Profile

What is the shipping profile ?

What do I need to change my shipping profile

Trouble Shooting

What is the IP adress/port of the Sell Online server?

What is XML ?

Where can I find an XML parser ?

Where should the DTD be located ?

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